Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Day Of Art

As many of you may have seen on the news last week, our school is an Arts in Basic Curriculum school. We teach with the arts all day in our classroom. Today was an arts overload day! We started the day with our Opera "Artist in Residence" in music class, made our way to the dance studio for our last dance class of the year, and finished the day with our pottery maker "Artist in Residence" in art class. Check out the creative work they did below! Great day!!!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Christmas Break To Spring Break

Confession: It's been too long. I hope you are ready for some awesomeness!!! We have been so busy since Christmas Break, and now here it is Spring Break!!!

I am embarrassed to put these on here with April just right around the corner, but the kids did such a great job, I just had to display them on the net for all to see!!!

We have been so fortunate to have many great class sets of books funded through Donors Choose. Nate the Great and Ready Freddy are just a few!

For Valentine's Day we took these great head shots for our mamas!!! Hope you loved your "LOVE!"

During our study of Violet's Music, students made their own instruments out of materials from home. We had a great day exploring rhythms as we learned about musical genres from around the world.

And finally, just today we conducted my 10th annual "Blubber Experiment." Sure enough, we concluded that blubber really does keep Arctic animals warm in the icy cold water!