Friday, October 19, 2012

The Pumpkin Project

Have you ever wondered about the seeds in a pumpkin? As you know, I am a runner, and random thoughts like that cross my mind often as I pound along for 10-20 miles. I decided to take that question and turn it into a great science project for our class. I asked them to find out if the circumference of a pumpkin determined the number of seeds. Circumference is not a 2nd grade skill, (its 3rd grade) but I decided to push these amazingly smart students into a higher level of learning. As you will see in the pics below, a great time of learning was had by all. 

The set up at each group.

Introducing the tape measure.

Teaching about circumference.

Observing the inside to make a prediction of how many seeds are inside.

Cleaning out the guts!!!

Counting the seeds.

Discussing the results of the experiment.

Of course, we had to try on the pumpkin slime!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Animals Building Homes

This week we have been reading a nonfiction story titled, Animals Building Homes. The story tells all about unique animals and the homes they build. The kids LOVE learning about animals. We have studied spiders and bats, and owls are coming up this week. In one part of the story, the author writes about beavers and how they are able to gnaw wood. Mrs. James just happened to have a great piece of wood that shows the actual marks of the beaver's teeth. I love iPads and think they are great for ALL students, but sometimes you just cannot beat the lessons that nature provides. 

Friday, October 12, 2012


I love his innovation. The green crate is supposed to be a seat, but thanks to generous donors from Donors Choose, the bean bags helped to repurpose the crate into a desk! What a great idea!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Just Not Meant To Be!

Each year at WHES, Fuddrucker's delivers pumpkins to our school. Teachers decorate them to be displayed as part of the store's fall display. I have never taken on the task of creating one of these pumpkins, but this year I go all into. I painted the body and eye. I used foam to make hie teeth and pupil. I even ordered a pair of lime green tights online to make some arms and legs. MUCH to my disappointment, this is what I found when I came in this morning. I only wish I could somehow make a puff of smell jump out of the blog so you could truly appreciate the experience I had this morning as I walked in. I guess it's just not meant to be for my class to submit a pumpkin...Unless of course some reader out there wants to recreate this masterpiece by Thursday morning at 8:00!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Farmer's Day

A long, long time ago, DHS and our cross town rivals SHS started playing football. To celebrate the game, the Spartans dressed in their finest clothes, and the Cavaliers dressed as farmers. Spartans were city folks, and at that time, the Cavaliers were proud of their "country" heritage. Today, years later, the tradition continues on the day of the annual football game. It's cool to see the entire district turn out in their farmer duds in honor of this long standing tradition. Here are a just a few shots from our fun filled Farmer's Day! 
Go Cavs!