Friday, October 19, 2012

The Pumpkin Project

Have you ever wondered about the seeds in a pumpkin? As you know, I am a runner, and random thoughts like that cross my mind often as I pound along for 10-20 miles. I decided to take that question and turn it into a great science project for our class. I asked them to find out if the circumference of a pumpkin determined the number of seeds. Circumference is not a 2nd grade skill, (its 3rd grade) but I decided to push these amazingly smart students into a higher level of learning. As you will see in the pics below, a great time of learning was had by all. 

The set up at each group.

Introducing the tape measure.

Teaching about circumference.

Observing the inside to make a prediction of how many seeds are inside.

Cleaning out the guts!!!

Counting the seeds.

Discussing the results of the experiment.

Of course, we had to try on the pumpkin slime!

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