Thursday, March 22, 2012

Artist In Residence

Many of you may not know that our school is an ABC school. ABC stands for ARTS in Basic Curriculum. We integrate and infuse the ARTS into every aspect of our school day. We rap during math, we act during Social Studies, We create in Science. We mime in Language Arts!

Part of the ABC program is inviting in guest artists to teach during 1 week periods throughout the year. Each grade level has their own artist for 1 whole week. It is pretty awesome, and the kids love it.

In 3rd grade this year, our artist is a poet named Mr. Sullivan. Click on his name there to read more about him and his work. As I type, he is teaching students to write their own amazing poetry. They are using figurative language such as metaphors and similes, not to mention stretching their creative minds.

A student just said, "A dream can be opened like a pickle jar. A dream can be lost like a glass slipper." LOVE IT! Here are a few more samples.

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