Friday, April 20, 2012

Mrs. Teachey

Last August when she came in my room, I was as nervous as she was. You cannot let just anyone take over in your classroom. They call it your classroom for a reason. It didn't take long to realize how great Mrs. Teachey was for our class. She was a perfect fit.

Over the year she has been with us, she has written songs and Reader's Theaters. She has led the children on the journey from colonial times through the civil war. She taught the all about rocks. This list could go on for a while.

Most importantly though, she loved our students. She cared for them in a way that only parents and teachers do. It has been an honor to have her be a part of this year.

Today we celebrated her as her time came to an end. We gave her her very own drum to remind her of the time she spent with our class of encouragers. I even had a drum shaped cake brought in for the festivities.

As you can see, the children loved her. One of them tried to hang on just a tad bit longer.

We will miss you Mrs. Teachey, but you will always be a part of room 102.

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  1. Yes that would be my child. :) He did love her and it seemed to be great year with her. I have to admit it was hard realizing that she would be like the "teacher" and hoping she did as a good of a job as you. I think she did great and I know the children really enjoyed her. I hope that the children in her future classes enjoy her and learn as much as this class has.