Friday, September 28, 2012

Woody WOW Celebration #1

Woody the Wildcat is our school mascot. When students go above and beyond to be in control and do great things, they earn what is called a "Woody Wow" If you notice on the pic below, you will see the little yellow heads of Woody hanging on the board. When the class collectively earns 10, we have a huge celebration. Today's celebration was pizza making. Of course, the celebration is filled with awesome learning opportunities. Today students learned to follow directions while cooking and worked cooperatively with their groups. Then students wrote step by step instructions about how to make a pizza, edited alone and with a buddy, then began writing a final copy to publish in class book. Prior to the baking, students were shown pans, wax paper, and a chef hat. Their job was to infer and predict what would happen at our Woody Wow celebration. They journaled  about their predictions before we cooked. You can see samples of their journals just after this first pic. We had a great time as you will see by all of the fun pics below! 

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  1. Great job, class, on earning a Woody Wow party!! You are doing an awesome job!