Monday, April 8, 2013

A Classroom Surprise

As you all know, I am an avid user of the site I have received countless items for my students through the site due to the generous monetary gifts of random people from around the world.  Today, I received one of the best surprises from the site. 

Ms. S we will call her, a parent of a 2nd grader in California, stumbled across my project on Donors Choose that was was requesting "Geronimo Stilton" books for our classroom library. She wanted to help us, but instead of giving us the money for the project, she collected the books I requested from local vendors around her town, packaged them up, and shipped them directly to our class. I was BLOWN AWAY by this act of generosity. A complete stranger, who simply cared about our classroom, chose to partner with me as I strive to give these kids everything they need and then some! 

I was thrilled to see all the books! 38 books in all! The kids went crazy! The cool thing about all of this is that the project was inspired by one specific student in our class, Elijah W. Elijah LOVES Geronimo Stilton! He asked me specifically if I could write a project for this series. I happily obliged, and as always, hoped for full funding! Thanks Elijah for such a  great idea, and thank you Ms. S for your generosity and thoughtfulness! 

Below are some pics of the kids holding their new books! Maybe the author of this series will see this post and send us the rest of his series!!!

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