Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Arthur's Campout!

Arthur's Campout is the most exciting day of second grade. It is the culmination of our year long AR Reading program where we celebrate the accomplishments of all of 2nd grade! This year our grade level earned 7,069.4 points!!! 2,567 of those points came just from our class! I am so proud of the hard work of these students! They, along with the other students in our class were honored for their reading accomplishments in our last Arthur Club meeting this morning! Big congrats to the top 5 readers for the year! 

1. Jake- 220 pts.
2. Maia- 212pts.
3. Tamiah- 169pts
4. Wesyleie- 157pts
5. Kyle Williams- 147pts

Below are some pics from the day's celebration!

This is what the kids saw when they came in. They went nuts for quite a while! It was big fun!

Of course, there was a boy tent and girl tent with signage to let you know where you belonged! 

Inside the tents!

Roasting our marshmallows for smores!

You have to cool them off!

Ooey, Gooey, YUMMY!

Lunch outside!

Never seen a group so ready for nap time! 

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  1. What a great day! I am really going to miss 2nd grade. I know that Elijah will carry Mr. D with him in his heart forever, we all will. Thank you for the wonderful year. Enjoy the summer!