Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Family Fun Night!

It was indeed a family fun night at WHES! In 2nd grade we participated in "Poppin' Place Value!" Kids and their families examined the pumpkin and estimated how many pieces of popcorn were on it.

Then, they wrote their estimate on the board.

Next, Mrs. James passed out the popcorn, and they counted and counted!

After they counted the pieces, they converted their number of pieces into tens and ones with unifix cubes.

Finally, we compiled all of our tens and ones on a big place value mat. We regrouped all of our tens to make 100s. Grand total-1,603 pieces of popcorn. The closest estimate was 1,335! Way to go!

It was great fun, and we sang 3 raps along the way. Did I mention we also did the popcorn dance? I am exhausted! 

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