Saturday, October 12, 2013

"Pet Smart" in Room 102

It all started back in the summer when I applied for a grant  from Pet Smart to get all the materials needed for a class pet. I had pretty much forgotten all about applying for it because of my 6 week bout with Mono. Then, as if Pet Smart knew I needed a pick me up, I received a letter in the mail congratulating me on receiving their grant.

3 weeks ago I as I made my way back to school after my 4 week sick leave, I told the kids about the grant. That afternoon I went to the store to get all I needed. The kids (and me too) were so excited! Sadly, I learned when I arrived that the grant didn't cover the full amount. BUMMED. After being sick for so long I had a bunch of medical bills that had eaten up my monthly budget. I just couldn't afford it.

Disappointed, I returned to school the next day to break the news that it might be a while before our pet came. One student shouted out, you know, in the way most teachers don't like..."HEY! We can raise the money!!" My teacher wheels began to spin. I did some quick figuring and told the kids we would need about $100 more to get everything we needed. They accepted the challenge and started working.

I made sure to tell the students that I didn't want them out begging for money, but to work hard and explain to friends and family that they were working hard for something they wanted. It was so cool to see this happen and to see money start to come in. It only took them 2 weeks to meet their goal. We kept track of our daily money total on this chart.

Since the goal was met, it was time for the pet! I quickly sent out an email to parents that I wanted the kids to continue to be a part of this process. I asked parents to participate in a Saturday field trip to Pet Smart! Thanks to Remind 101, everyone received a text this morning remind them to be there around 11. I was worried no one would show, so I even planned to go next door to CiCi's Pizza for lunch afterwards. I was blown away by the turn out! I had 11 kids (over half the class) join me! The Pet Smart guy was FANTASTIC! He talked to all of us about caring for the Bearded Dragon, gave us a feeding demonstration, and then with the most patient service minded attitude, he walked me through every item that I needed for our classroom habitat! 

I was not prepared to buy "food for the food," but now I know... Bearded Dragons like to eat live crickets...well, how are you supposed to keep the crickets alive if you don't feed them??? Thank goodness for Pet Smart and their staff who are gonna help me through this journey! By the way... Crickets are 12 cents a piece. Let me know if you would like to sponsor a week. That will be about 5 bucks a week to feed the little guy...or girl. How am I gonna teach that?????????????? 

It was a great morning!!! Big, big thanks to all the parents who partnered with me this morning. It is a day I won't forget, and hopefully, neither will the children.Below are some pics from our morning out! Hope you enjoy! Stayed tuned for the naming ceremony to come. 

Here is he is...or she! Name to be announced soon! Stay tuned...
P.S.  Let me know if you would like to sponsor a week of feeding. 5 bucks buys all the crickets he needs.

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