Friday, January 17, 2014

Can A Bearded Dragon Ride A Jet Ski?

Our class pet, Spike, plays a crucial part in our daily learning. Yesterday he helped us to learn about fiction and non-fiction. Using their bodies as statues, students created tableaus (pictures with the body) to show their understanding of the meaning of the word fiction. Their task was to create a scene using their bodies to show something fiction that Spike does after we leave school. Prior to this they had to make up non-fiction tableaus. This was a great assessment tool for me as I could quickly see who understood the difference between the genres. This was arts integration at its finest. The kids had a blast and so did I!

Spike sings a song after we leave.

Spike rides a motorcycle after we leave.

Spike rides a bike after we leave.

Spike drives a jet ski after we leave.

Spike is a superhero when we leave.

Spike plays on the computer when we leave.

Here are some pics of each group with their guest teacher for the day! 
We love Spike!!

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