Friday, February 7, 2014

D.W. Visits Woodland Heights

Kim Brown, the inspiration for Arthur the Aardvark's pesky little sister D.W., from the world famous author Marc Brown's book series, visited our school today. The children loved hearing about how Arthur came to be and learning some neat facts about their beloved Arthur. Did you know Marc Brown has sold over 65 million books world wide? He started the stories of Arthur one night when his son asked for a bedtime story. Marc quickly thought from his imagination, and his first book, "Arthur's Nose," was born. His son loved and begged for it every night. 

The Arthur series is the inspiration for our very popular Arthur's Reading Club here at school. We hold the club meetings every six weeks to honor those students who have achieved their reading goals. We sing and dance to the Arthur Theme Song, have Arthur's secret handshake and password, and Marc Brown even sends us our very own membership card! If you would like to know more about this club or today's visit, drop me an email at

 It was a great treat to add this visit to our year long experience with Arthur!

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