Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Last week, the snow, along with Pinterest, inspired me to do this writing lesson called "Trapped!" My students have been so diligent in writing on specific non-fiction topics, that I thought they could use a fun writing assignment. Their task was to pretend they were trapped in a snow globe. I showed them pics of snow globes. We talked about movies, places, stories, etc. where we had seen snow globes. We brainstormed all the fun things we thought we could do in a snow globe...then, I cut them loose to start their writings. These have not been edited or proofed, but I was impressed with their creativity. Below the writings you will see the pics I took on our first day back after snow. Right outside our classroom window we have a small ornamental pond. Most of that area remains shaded all day. There was plenty of snow left to make some cute pics. I will use the pics inside of a clear plate to make it appear that they are "TRAPPED!" in a snow globe. 

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