Monday, March 10, 2014

Penguin Projects

Project-based learning at its finest this morning. Each group is working on their own presentation to share their research about the specific penguin they chose to learn about.

This group is making an info board about the Fairy Penguin.

This group is working on a backdrop for their iMovie about the Emperor Penguin.

This group is gathering photos to insert into their iMovie about the Rockhopper Penguin.

This group is taking screen shots of the Humboldt Penguin to create a puppet show on the Puppet Pals app.

If you walked in right now, you may think its chaotic, but I've met with every group and they are on task and working hard. Every person has a part and has a starring role in the final production. Cannot wait to see how they do. Did I mention that they are 2nd graders?

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