Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Screen Chomp

As you all know, I love using iPads in my classroom. The kids are engaged and excited about learning any time I use them. So, basically we use them all day every day. On Monday we used one of my favorite apps, "Screen Chomp." It is a basic white board app that allows students to annotate and record their voice at the same time. I use this in a variety of ways from assessments to learning their prior knowledge. Yesterday I asked students to explain basic front-end addition. They made their videos and emailed them to me. Click on the links below to hear and see their work. They did a great job!!!

Demari and Inessa

Taquasia and Landon

Kalie and Keira


Malcolm and Jamison


  1. ME and Jamison did very on Screen Chomp Malcolm Bates

  2. I ment we did very good work on Screen Chomp Malcolm Bates

  3. Yes you did do a great job Malcolm!!! Mr. D.