Tuesday, September 30, 2014


A cool site I stumbled across a few years ago called Padlet has been a great addition to the class! It is a site where kids can communicate with me during class and at home. I often use it as an assessment tool so I can quickly see where everyone is regarding a certain topic. I can type a question on "the wall", and students can type their replies. Many nights, I may encourage students to answer the question at home. Their responses come to my phone. When responding they should always start with their name and first initial of the last name. While it does take them some time to type answers at first, this will build their typing ability. They absolutely love it!

Below is a snap shot of them learning about it today. Half the class did this, while the other half learned on Dreambox. Then, we switched places and the other half wrote on the wall. If you would like to see the answers they wrote today, click here!  I encourage you all to stop by here tonight and let the kids write a message to show you what they have learned. The Padlet link is available around the clock at mrdearybury.com on the student links page.

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