Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Wise Mister Owl

Yesterday, as we read this poem about an owl (predator) and his tasty treat (prey), I encouraged students to think about ways we could use drama to act out the play. Our school is an ABC (Arts in Basic Curriculum) school so students are well versed in play jargon such as characters, setting, props, etc. Students immediately recognized that there were 2 characters, the setting was a field, and that we would need a tree for a prop.

I was thrilled when one student suggested that everyone make masks to help portray their characters. Immediately the kids began discussing their plans. I led them to first plan the way they wanted their masks to look by drawing them out. Students were furiously drawing yesterday! Just their drawings alone were fantastic works or art... but then...

... today the real magic happened as students' masks came to life! I was so proud of their creativity. They had total freedom to raid all of my construction paper. Ya'll should see the shelf... It is a disaster... but man the excitement in here was so worth the mess! We had such a great time, and the whole time students were discussing the roles of predators and their prey in the wild! I took one shot of all the masks piled up. Be sure to check them out at the bottom.

Every bunny mask needs cool ears!!!

Look how this student made the eyes look just like what she drew!

Notice Mikayla using her drawing as a guide to help her create the mask! Deep thinking here!

On Thursday, students will use these masks to act out the poem from memory and share facts about predators and prey! Stay tuned for a video or two. :)

It looked like New Year's confetti had exploded every where. This pic just doesn't do it justice!I could not have been more proud.

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  1. Looks like loads of fun!! May I come take 2nd grade all over again?