Monday, November 10, 2014


This is a great new site that I introduced to kids today. They worked so incredibly hard all day to finish their final products, but we just couldn't make the deadline to publish by 2:00. Maybe tomorrow! But... here is what we did do.

First, students mapped out a plan for their movenote show. They had to brainstorm 3 people, places or things at our school that were their favorite things! 

Next, I sent them out and about to take the needed pics. Before they went I showed them all about the iPad camera: how to delete, how to crop, how to use filters. They are little geniuses!!! They took about 5 seconds to learn it!

After taking all the photos, they had to write out a script for their movenote. As you can see, there was some serious writing and rewriting going on!

Hopefully tomorrow will bring better luck with the upload. The Internet must have been really busy today. Stay tuned!

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