Friday, November 14, 2014

Skype: Mrs. Beck's First Grade Class

Today our class was able to share all of our class songs with Mrs. Beck's first grade class in New Jersey! We had such a great time connecting with her class through song. I played piano and the class taught her students about the 7 continents, and greater than less than with our music. We also got them excited about reading with our Frozen parody, "Do You Want to Read a Story". Ethan took the solo on the 3rd verse and did a fantastic job!!! So proud of the way her represented our class this morning. The pic below was taken on the New Jersey end as her class watched. How cool is it that a 2nd grade in SC could teach a 1st grade in NJ? We closed with our now favorite song, "Marvelous Things"! I would say this morning was pretty marvelous! 

We would love to connect with other classes on Skype. If you would to like to learn from us, please look me up on or shoot me an email @

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