Friday, December 19, 2014


The day started like this... I had morning duty bright and early at 7am. I needed all the jingle bells and joy I could get!!!

I had this idea last week at a Christmas party at my house so I thought it would be fun for the kids today. They LOVED IT!!!!


Each kid took a selfie with an elf. I did my best to copy their face.

Even Dr. Pridgen joined in the fun!!!

These are pics from our 6th annual WHES Christmas Sing-a-long. I started this wonderful morning of holiday fun 6 years ago, and it has become a part of everyone's holiday anticipation!!!

It started today with me wrapped in lights, along with Anna from Frozen (Ms. Ebron)!

Ebron led us in a fantastical arrangement of "Let it Go" to start the festivities. I will NEVER forget the excitement in that room!!! I wish we had a video!

As you can see, the room was packed out!!

Several classes performed specials throughout the sing-a-long!
Mrs. Summers' K5 had a great rendition of "Run, Run Rudolph". Rudolph was incredibly cute!

This little guy stole the show as he danced the Blitzen Boogie with Mrs. Parris' class.

Look at my kiddos singing along!

We were able to celebrate a wonderful teacher who is retiring soon!

Ms. Ebron's class playing the xylophones.

Due to popular demand from last year's show, I had to do a wardrobe change mid show and bust out the elf costume. You know I didn't mind one bit!!!

Mrs. Teachey led the 5th graders in "Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays" by NYSYNC! The place was jammin!

This kid is awesome! He asked could he play piano with me in the sing-a-long last about a week ago. He blew me away with musicality! Checkout the video below!

Post sing-a-long selfie! I was so hot!!!!

I hope you all have a great break and the merriest of holidays!!!! See you in January!!!


  1. Mr dearybury you are amazing. ...that abort sums it up...i look forward every week to your blogs. ..and you never disappoint. You have made my son love school and look forward to it each day! I thank you for that!