Tuesday, January 27, 2015

100th Day!

WE MADE IT!!! 100 Days of second grade have come and gone! That means only 80 days til 3rd grade! YIKES... We still have so much to do!!! Here is a snippet of all the fun we had as we celebrated this day.

Using the app Aging Booth, we were able to take pics of what we will look like when we are 100 years old. I hope I look that good! LOL!!!

At recess, we jumped rope, hula hooped, bounced a ball, did jumping jacks, and lots of other fun activities a hundred times each! Hoping on one foot a hundred times in no joke! Give it a try!!

Each student got their own $100 bill. They wrote stories about what the wanted to buy with their hundred dollars. Cars, house, pools, Gamecock season tickets.... if only we could right???

Studying measurement, students used a 100cm string to go on a scavenger hunt searching for things that were longer or shorter than 100cm. They even learned that 100cm is a meter!

What??? Who put that pic in here? :) FYI... I can still hula hoop 100 times!

Several students made their own 100th Day t-shirt. I love them all!!! Great job kiddies!

Even Ms. Hill and I got in on the fun!!!

Closed our day with 100th Day song!


  1. That is just TOO stinking CUTE!!! Love the aged faces too! 👍👍👍