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A few years ago, I began using “#Sparkle” on many of my social media posts. At the time, it was solely just to add some flair to my updates and to remind myself to keep my posts upbeat, positive, and worthy of my students eyes should they ever happen across my pages. I never really thought about it becoming a tagline or something that people really associated with me. It was an easy way to keep my attitude in check. Every time I wanted to respond negatively to someone’s mean spirited or antagonistic post, I would just think of a comment that would warrant the #sparkle and share that instead. 

As I started to write this particular blog post, I was curious about when exactly I started using the hashtag. Thanks to an advanced search on Facebook, I was able to locate the first post where #sparkle was born.

January 1, 2014
My 2014 goal is to create as much happiness and laughter as possible. 
#sparkle #smile #giggle

January 1…Happy birthday to #sparkle… well happy birthday to it on my social media anyway. I did a quick search of it in the wide world, and it’s been around for quite some time. Regardless of who started it, what a great goal I had to start 2014. I sure hope the people around me thought that I met that goal. Happiness and laughter are two things I don’t think we can create enough of, especially as educators. Every nook and cranny of our districts should be oozing with it. How can we ever expect kids to buy into what we are selling if we don’t fill every single school day full of sparkly awesomeness. I digress. That’s another post, for another time, but it all the more screams the need for #sparkle. 

Thanks again to the Facebook search function, I found this great post from December 31, 2015 as the new year was quickly approaching. It read, 

“In 2016, I resolve to keep being me. It's too hard to be anything else. #sparkle”. 

In fact, my Facebook search led to over 200 posts that mentioned sparkle in some form or fashion. While I didn’t start out for it be a “thing” in 2014, it became one. It became a thing to the point that people all over the country were tagging me in glitter pics, rainbow sparkly pics, glitter bomb mailings, this fantastic sparkly car showed up on my feed more than a dozen times.

Anything that shined, shimmered, or sparkled had my name on it according to my friends. They would even take pics of items that mentioned sparkle while they were out shopping and tell me where I could buy them. More than once I was tagged in a picture of a roll of Sparkle paper towels. Sometimes, people even bought the items and mailed them to me. I have a journal, a pen, a box, a book and more! The more glitter the better. My bathroom has 4 different “sparkle” type signs hanging on the wall right now!!! 

Confession time… I LOVE(D) it. It made me feel so incredibly special, and honestly…made me want to sparkle more and more! If y'all wanna send my sparkly items, go for it. I do love a sursy! (You non southern readers, go ahead and Google that word.) 

Sparkle became such a part of my life over 2014/2015, I came up with the acronym below for the word sparkle as a mantra of sorts for 2016. As we embark on a new school year, I thought it would be great to revisit my 2016 resolution, assess myself, and apply the resolution to the new school year. I won’t tell you what I put in the blanks, not just yet anyway. But, I will encourage you to copy and past this somewhere and fill in your own blanks. Commit with me to spread as much #sparkle as you can this school year. Share your sparkle with me and with those around you. The world needs as much shine as it can get!

Service (to others and myself)

This school year, as a service to students, my parents, my coworkers, and myself, I will ______________________________________.

Pursue (new things)

As the school year starts, I commit to pursuing _____________________ for the sake of my students and my profession.

Affirm (the good I'm already doing)

I affirm the way I do _____________________________________ for my students, parents, and/or coworkers

Run (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually)

Caring for my body makes me a better educator. I will “run” by doing ________________________________ to keep myself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually strong for my students.

Kindred Spirits (find them. Stay with them.)

The following people are my kindred spirits in education. I will stay close to ___________________________________________.

Lead (Advocate for the profession)

I will lead by __________________________________ because it will make me a better teacher for students. 

Encourage (everyone around me)

At the end of the day, everyone around me, students, teachers, faculty, staff, needs a little encouragement. I can do this by ____________________________________.


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