Thursday, May 15, 2014

Brad Nahill, Sea Turtle Expert

Today our 2nd grade was privileged to speak with Mr. Brad Nahill, the Director and Co-Founder of See Turtles, an organization dedicated to the conservation of Sea Turtles worldwide. Thanks to the power of Skype, Mr. Nahill was in his home in Oregon, and we were in the best learning environment around, room 102! It was a great experience for our students. Mr. Nahill had a great presentation that was perfect for our 2nd grade study of Sea Turtles, their habitat, and ways to protect them. After the presentation, students had the opportunity to ask questions they formed after doing their own research. We were even able to teach Mr. Nahill a thing or two about our own South Carolina State Reptile, the Loggerhead Sea Turtle! What a great afternoon of learning we had! If you would like for Mr. Nahill to present to your students, go to and search for sea turtles! 

After the lesson, the students wrote thank you notes to Mr. Brad and told him 3 things they learned from his presentation. I hope he likes the cards! Here is a peek of a few!

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