Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mr. Bates

A few days ago, one of my parents wrote me the nicest note. Well, it wasn't directly to me, but it was about me. She wrote a recommendation for me to win the Bammy Award. You can click here to read more about it and vote if you would like. There is only one day left to vote! That's really not the point of this post though...keep reading. :0)

In her writing, she wrote about the impact I made on her son this year and I had inspired him to want to become a teacher. Notes like that really validate the work I do so much! Knowing that I am molding and inspiring future educators at this stage in their lives is an overwhelming honor! Regardless of what paths my students choose, I know they will be amazing in the future, because they are so amazing now!

Here is a pic of the future Mr. Bates. He asked me if he could read a book to the class. Of course I obliged! He did fantastic!!! He even reminded one student the importance of staying seated during story time so all could see. And I quote..."Umm, excuse me sir, you do know that there are people behind you, and you keep popping up. Let's stay on our bottom!" I was so proud to see a "mini me". I hope he is in the room right across the hall from me one day! Great job Mr. Bates!!!

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