Monday, May 12, 2014

World Music Collaboration

This morning my students had an amazing Skype experience as they heard kids from Kenya, Venezuela, and Pennsylvania sing songs they had learned in their classroom. It was an awesome morning of musical collaboration from around the world. We heard native songs from Kenya about making friends in school, and a national song from Venezuela about the history of their country. The students from Pennsylvania showed off their singing skills with songs from Frozen! Our class sang "The Continent Song", "Do You Want To Read A Story", and "The Ballad of Johnny Appleseed".  Here is just a snippet of some of the fun we had. The students from Venezuela sang "Happy", by Pharrell Williams.

The neatest part about this morning was being able to peek into the lives of students from around the world. We were able to ask questions about their weather, animals, food, songs, and learn about what they do for fun. It was amazing to see the differences, but even more amazing to see how alike we all really are. So glad I could have this experience for my students!

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