Friday, October 31, 2014

Charles Pettee, Bluegrass Extraordinaire

In my classroom we listen to a wide variety of musical genres. We use polka in math, African tribal during art, Asian sitar during writing, as well as jazz, swing, salsa just to name a few more! The kids favorite genre though... bluegrass. They love the toe tapping beats and the happy "feels" that it gives them. I think it is because of our southern roots and the connection that we feel to the music that was born around us. 

Today, we had the opportunity to experience the joy that bluegrass brings us, live and in person, thanks to Charles Pettee and The Muse Machine. The Muse Machine allows our school to have guests artists about every 6 weeks. Today's artist was AWESOME! He brought a harmonica, banjo, guitar, and a mandolin. He told us about the cultures from Europe and Africa that blended together here in the south to create this special sound of music. My kids are still humming and tapping his tunes two hours after he left! We stayed around a bit after the school performance was over so we could take a pic! One student was so excited that she pretended to faint because she was meeting a famous artist! We had a great time and learned a lot too!

Thank you Mr. Pettee and The Muse Machine!

Check out this video to see a bit of the performance. Kid voices singing are just an added bonus!!!

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