Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Globally Connected

Today our class became globally connected using Skype. We had a great learning experience with a teacher in Pennsylvania. Students told him all about our favorite foods, and we learned a lot about foods in Pennsylvania. The kids were shocked to learn that they didn't drink sweet tea, eat catfish, or even know what pimento cheese was!!! They did know about grits though! Look how they are so intrigued and focused on the board! You could have heard a pin drop!!

Today's experience was the first of many that will come this year. Our classroom is part of a global collaborative that will include students from all continents except for Antarctica... if only those penguins could Skype!!!

During each online collaboration, students will answer questions about daily life in our area in a video. We will then post the videos online and share with the participating classes around the world! We made our first video today! Check it out below! Hopefully we will have real live Skype connections with many of those classes soon!

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