Thursday, October 9, 2014

Spider Charades

You can assess student learning in so many ways other than a pencil/paper test. I often use charades as a fun way to make sure students are learning concepts and focusing on given tasks. Today as partners read The Diary of a Spider, I asked them to prepare a charade to show their favorite part of the story. Here is a peek at one partnership preparing for their class performance.

Here are a few still shots of some other groups as they performed.

Alex and Nick's favorite part was when the little girl screamed at the water fountain. Nick decided to be the water fountain because he was wearing blue.

Alex and Julian decided they liked the part where spider ran from the vacuum. Julian was the spider and Alex was the Vacuum.

Cody, Christian, and Reggie are showing us their favorite scene. Spider's teacher called on his molted skin, that he brought for show and tell, to say the pledge, rather than him! 

After we finished acting, students made these awesome spider hats to display all the cool spider knowledge they had gained this week. Each strip is full of fun spider facts.

I had to try it on!

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