Friday, October 10, 2014

Farmer's Day 2014

So as far as I understand it, this is how it all started...Waayyyyyy back in the day, the two biggest high schools in our county started playing football. It became a HUGE rivalry. One school was in the city and the other was in the rural part of Spartanburg. I think that the city folk used to kind of make of fun of us rural folk for being "country farmers". So, we here in our district embraced our roles and started wearing our farmer best to celebrate the football rivalry. Rumor has it that the city folks wear their fancy churchy clothes to school on this day. That's nice for them, but I think we farmers have way more fun! No, I didnt graduate from either high school, but I definitely enjoy puttin' on my farmer duds and having a good time celebrating our district and our heritage!

Check out these awesome farmer boys and girls!

The day was fun...but we are plumb tuckered out!!!

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