Tuesday, October 28, 2014

M.O.D. Squad

The M.O.D. squad is an fantastic group of boys here at school known as the "Men of Distinction." They are a group of boys that I, along with our assistant principal Julie Brown, mentor throughout the year. We have a monthly meeting where we discuss respect, honor, manners, etc. We even learn how to tie a tie and write poetry for our moms!

Today was one of my favorite meetings of the year. Coach Giltner and members of the Wofford Basketball team joined us for lunch, mentoring, and of course we shot hoops! The guys who came were great examples to our MOD squad! They talked about hard work, determination, respect for grown ups, etc. We are already looking forward to a reunion with the team members in the spring after they have an awesome winning season!!!

 Also, a special thanks to Stuart, the owner of Zaxby's on Reidville Rd, for sponsoring today's lunch. If you eat there, be sure to tell them a big thank from our school! Gotta love that Zax sauce!

One more special thanks to my friends on Facebook that sponsored a basketball for the boys! Look for a personal thank you soon. :)

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