Monday, October 27, 2014


Last week while in NYC, I was able to travel north to the town of Norwalk, CT. While there, I had the privilege of visiting Columbus Magnet School (CMS). My friend Emily is the principal there so I thought it would be fun to observe the school's routine and "borrow" some ideas to bring back to my school. 

Man was it a treat! I was able to sit in on their "All School Meeting". It was a fantastic time that the whole school came together and shared about their learning experiences. The family atmosphere of the school was almost tangible. Every kid was a part of the meeting. They were engaged, focused, learning, and most importantly...encouraged! 

I strive to create that same family atmosphere that I saw in Norwalk in my own classroom. We are like a little family in here. I do my best to build my kids up and show them how wonderful they are! My kids are the best around! They are truly a "marvelous" bunch. 

During the morning meeting at CMS there was lots of singing because the school is an arts integrated school like here at WHES. One song in particular struck me. It was called "Marvelous Things." The students sang so proudly and truly believed what they were singing... They WILL do marvelous things and so will my students! I couldn't wait to teach my kids this song today. The parts are still coming together, but we were ready to share! If you are a teacher who reads this, I hope you will share with your students. Parents... learn this and sing it to your kids every day! It is an easy little tune, but the message is HUGE... 


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