Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Owl Research

This morning students dug deeper into our study of owls. They were able to move past their basic understanding of owls, (ie: They are birds, have feathers, and have beaks.) and answer many of their own questions that they asked yesterday in our class discussion. Below you see the chart loaded with questions that students thought about as we observed an owl picture yesterday.

Great Horned Owl...this is the picture that prompted so many questions.

Using a kid friendly search engine, www.kidrex.org, students were able to find answers to some of their questions. It was so cool to hear their excitement as the became their own teacher and gathered information online. 

Ethan learned that owls have sharp beaks because they do not have teeth. They use the sharp beak to tear apart their prey!

Alex T. learned that they do have fast reflexes, but they move slowly when not flying so that they don't scare away their dinner.

Jordan learned that the Great Horned Owl that we discussed yesterday in class does not have "big ears" after all. He has feathers on top of his head that make him look like he has ears or " horns". Thus, he is called the Great Horned Owl.

After several days of learning, investigating, and researching, students will "go public" with their findings. They will create posters, sculptures, iMovies, puppet shows, etc. to share their learning with the class!

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