Tuesday, December 16, 2014

All I Want For Christmas Is An Arthur Book

This morning our 2nd graders presented our school Christmas musical titled, "All I Want For Christmas Is An Arthur Book". It was based on the real life experiences of 2nd graders working hard to meet their reading goals the weeks before Christmas. The struggle was real, but the hard work was greater! In the end, all the goals are exceeded and the Arthur's Reading Club is on!!!! Santa was so proud of all the students, that he showed up and brought books for everyone! This musical is filled with Christmas song parodies that got everyone in the spirit of the season all while making them want to read a story! Even Olaf and Anna from Frozen made an appearance to encourage every one to "Read A Story" through a parody of "Do You Want To Build A Snowman?". I am so proud of all the students' hard work! It really paid off. If you would like to see the musical, we have one more showing at 7pm tonight! We will see you there!

Last minute rehearsals in the classroom!

Lining up... the stage is calling!!!

The official crazy cast photo!

This amazing backdrop was designed and created by our incredible art teacher, Ms. Lorenz!!! What a great job she did! The line you read here is the opening line to our musical!

So proud of Ethan and his fantastic job with the solo in our Frozen parody,
"Do You Want To Read A Story?".

Anneliese spoke brilliantly, and Raenazia did a great job as Anna too!

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