Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Making A Connection

The past few weeks, as students start to pack up for dismissal, I have quietly taken a seat in the back of the room and began to read. At first the kids didn't notice much. They packed up, talked, and were happy that the day was winding down. But, the past few days, this has started to happen. Once they pack up, they just quietly join me in our reading nook. No one told them to come. No one told them to be quiet and settle down during what can be a noisy time. I just read...quietly... and they copied me. If this doesn't show you the responsibility of my job, I don't know what will. It makes me even happier that the boys are the ones copying me. It is tough to get boys to read... I know... I am one. :) We get distracted and have a hard time focusing. But, apparently all it takes is building a relationship, making a connection, and modeling good behavior! I am a proud teacher today! Thanks kids!

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