Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Blubber Experiement

The Blubber Experiment is one of my most favorite days as a teacher. The fun and excitement of this lesson is tangible. The kids are excited beyond belief and the lesson invites their curiosity to run wild. It all started with me dressed in 14 layers of clothes. I had to show them humans didn't have blubber to us warm in the cold like the Arctic animals.

Then,  I gave them "blubber", or Crisco, and told it was from a polar bear in Norway. After a few minutes of play with the blubber we start the experiment. Our question... Does blubber really keep things warm?

Before we can see how warm blubber keeps us, we must first know how cold it would be without it. Watch this! LOVE IT!

Now that we know that the Arctic is reeeeaally cold, we see how "blubber" keeps our bodies warm when it surrounds us in the cold. 

According to our data, the temperature of our hand inside the warm blubber bag was 26 degrees warmer than the water. I guess blubber really does keep the Arctic animals warmer.

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